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I have used the 3 oz cans of EEZOX® for cleaning and lubrication in South Florida at Okeechobe Shooting Club using over/under and semi auto shotguns. I just spray and run big swab sticks in barrels and then wipe the rest of my shotgun. Barely need to even run a snake brush once every 3 months. There’s nothing that works like EEZOX®. I’ve tried them all. Best product I have ever used!

Jim Scherr
3 Oz SprayChris Knox
One of many military testimonials about EEZOX® use in the battle field!
Thank you for helping my wife Michelle complete her order on my behalf for our use out here in Baghdad. I am currently a HHC Task Force Commander. Over my 11 years of service to the Army (including my enlisted time as a grunt), I have always tried to give my soldiers the best they could get when they went into harm’s way.

We prefer Eezox for our crew-served weapons over other issued and commercial lubricants because of it’s superior resistance to getting the talcum-powder like dust from just covering them on top of our vehicles (or when we’re hanging off the side of them) when we are out on patrol or responding to many a crisis.

Unfortunately, it is not currently in the Army system (that I am aware of), and it is highly prized out here. That also makes it hard to come by. All of my scouts, infantry, mortars, and CSS personnel have given favorable AARs to your product. Unfortunately, I do not have a government credit card, or I could make a rather large order...

Just thought that you’d like to know that we responded first to the U.N. bombing in August, many of the rocket and mortar attacks within the city, and foot patrols daily. Your product has measured up well to my toughest test - to issue whatever I can privately afford to my soldiers so they can come back home.

God Bless.
— Henry Malinverni, 
Headhunter Six
Chris KnoxMilitary
No exaggeration, it may be changing my life...
Last year I ordered a quart of your rust proofing product, EEZOX. No exaggeration, it may be changing my life - I have never been able to NOT rust metal.

On the palms of my hands, you can always see standing moisture. My rust is not a sign of laziness, I can rust stainless steel and nickel plating quickly with my sweaty hands because I sweat like a stuck pig bleeds. Even wiping down all metal I touch does not stop surface rust and eventual pitting. I have never been able to touch a blued or parkerized gun without rusting it. I conceal and carry and make a living with steel tools, so I have tried many products, including WD40, Break-Free, Hoppes, Sweetshooter and more.

Your product is simply incredible. Your product is a ton less work, it only needs to be applied once and it has worked this long without another application. I am finally able to buy blued and parkerized guns and magazines. Not having to wipe down every socket, knife and ratchet is a huge change.

Thank you!!!
— Regards,
 Ned T. Bruha, ACP, BEP, BCP
Chris KnoxRust Prevention
The lube really works!
I was a little skeptical on a dry lube. I decided to use it on my 9 mm pistol caliber carbine, as they are noted for being dirty shooting. I had to clean all the previous lube first, then used brake cleaner and lubed twice, according to directions. The lube really works! After shooting, I just wipe away carbon and wipe on a little EEZOX on the sliding points and done. Also great dry lube for magazines, especially because you don’t want regular oil to attract dust. Suggest buying the 4 OZ can and the little needle .95 OZ together, I got the discount when I did. The needle makes it easy to direct application. I usually apply to a swab or patch and apply.
— by Bart Carter
, Verified Purchase
Much Better Than Any Other Gun Oil I Have Ever Used
EEZOX Manufacturing:

Three years ago I ordered EEZOX Gun Care from you. This product is great. I have been using it on my 2 Benelli shotguns and several different rifles and it lubricates and prevents rust much better than any other gun oil I have ever used.

Have been shooting and hunting for 30 years and I shoot at least 10,000 rounds with the shotguns and 3 - 4,000 rounds in my rifles every year. With EEZOX gun oil protecting my guns from rust and wear I can concentrate on the hunt or the competition.

Will you still ship 4 oz cans of EEZOX Gun Care to Norway? I want (3) 4 oz can’s and (1) 0.95 oz Oiler. Thanks for your help. :-))
— Kjell Olav, Aasgaard, 
Look No Further!!!
This stuff is the best of the best! World’s better than TUF-GLIDE and performs better than Break Free CLP as well. I will never buy any other brand of rust protector again. I am using this product on a 1095 high carbon steel Esee Junglas knife. I don’t own any guns but if I ever do I will use this same product on them as it serves many purposes. Highly recommended!
— by Melanie Diehlon, 
Verified Purchase
Great Product
This is a great product for pistols and rifles. The first time I used it was at a gun range. I had jammed up a small caliber pistol with gun powder and a fellow shooter let me spray the pistol to clean it up some. As soon as I sprayed this on it and wiped a very little bit, it started shooting again like it was never fowled. I have cleaned and lubricate rifles with it and it helps keep them working like new. It is not oily I am sure it will clean what I have.
— By Dan Son, Verified Purchase
Great Product
Great product! I had read about this product in the Seecamp pocket pistol forum. I now clean my Barretta sub compact PX Storm, Kahr PM9, and my Seecamp 32 with EEZOX. You can’t beat cleaning and lubricating in one step.
— By Mrs. Gary A. Casper, Verified Purchase