One of many military testimonials about EEZOX® use in the battle field!

Thank you for helping my wife Michelle complete her order on my behalf for our use out here in Baghdad. I am currently a HHC Task Force Commander. Over my 11 years of service to the Army (including my enlisted time as a grunt), I have always tried to give my soldiers the best they could get when they went into harm’s way.

We prefer Eezox for our crew-served weapons over other issued and commercial lubricants because of it’s superior resistance to getting the talcum-powder like dust from just covering them on top of our vehicles (or when we’re hanging off the side of them) when we are out on patrol or responding to many a crisis.

Unfortunately, it is not currently in the Army system (that I am aware of), and it is highly prized out here. That also makes it hard to come by. All of my scouts, infantry, mortars, and CSS personnel have given favorable AARs to your product. Unfortunately, I do not have a government credit card, or I could make a rather large order...

Just thought that you’d like to know that we responded first to the U.N. bombing in August, many of the rocket and mortar attacks within the city, and foot patrols daily. Your product has measured up well to my toughest test - to issue whatever I can privately afford to my soldiers so they can come back home.

God Bless.
— Henry Malinverni, 
Headhunter Six
Chris KnoxMilitary