Cleaner • Lubricant • Corrosion Protection • New Look Finish


When a firearm is cleaned with EEZOX®, our powerful solvent formulation removes what all the other CLP and cleaning products leave behind!  Wipe it dry, then add a light coat, let it dry and the lubricant and rust preventative penetrates and remains on all metal surfaces cleaned - in the mechanisms, bore/barrel, magazines, actions - leaving no opportunity for a rusting process to take place and a superb new finish!


Dry to the touch with no oily film, the EEZOX® lubricant and rust preventative remains on the firearm is very thin with a strong engineered molecular structure formulated to withstand temperatures from -95℉  to 450℉! Super thin and tough!





A gun's performance can be negatively impacted each time it is fired due to the build up of by-products such as residues of copper, lead, carbon, plastic wad build-up, zinc, and at times, Teflon. These residues cause stiff actions, as well as misfiring and jamming.  Magazines can bind from dust.   NOT with EEZOX.  EEZOX is non-polar so dust won't stick to it.  Smooth mag releases and no primer fouling!


Through its unique chemistry developed specifically for gun care, EEZOX® ELIMINATES stiff actions, jamming, residue build-up, lead and brass build-up, plastic shot wad build-up and galling. EEZOX® allows all guns to function according to factory design and, more importantly, will not impede function.  Each treatment with EEZOX makes the next cleaning easier!





Other products, due to their hydrocarbon oil content, will "float" on water, indicative of a lower density. Water penetrates this lower density oil layer and rests on the metal surface where it then reacts with oxygen and the metal to form rust.


EEZOX®, on the other hand, weighs 10.42 lbs/gal - squirt or spray EEZOX® into a container of water and it will sink to the bottom, indicative of a higher density. This density prevents water from penetrating the thin layer of EEZOX® thus protecting the metal from rust.


EEZOX® penetrates metal ensuring superb cleaning, lubrication and  corrosion protection that's dry to the touch and beautiful to the eye!


The Backstory



The oldest and most widely used method to clean and lubricate a gun is to use a nitrogen solvent followed by a petroleum lube distillate. To shoot the gun it is necessary to wipe it dry first; to store the gun it is necessary to apply a heavy coating of more flammable petroleum lube distillate. This method dates back to the 1920s with some modifications being added, such as teflon or silicone powders which allegedly lubricate.


Firearms manufactured today and in the past twenty years have gone through the most rapid and continuing change in design and metallurgy combinations, with ever-increasing precision manufacturing. In spite of these advances, the three-step method of gun care  (1) solvent for cleaning, (2) flammable petroleum for lubricating, and (3) more lubricant for rust prevention - is still widely used.  NOT ANYMORE!  EEZOX® fulfills the need for a single four action, non-flammable product that truly cleans, lubricates, protects and provides a new product finish! 



Lubrication and metal protection vary depending on the products, machinery and parts to be lubricated and protected.  Virtually all metals that need to be cleaned, lubricated and protected from corrosion need EEZOX®.  Military and law enforcement personnel use EEZOX®!  Metal working facilities of all kinds can replace many types of solvents, cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, and corrosion preventatives with  EEZOX® CLP+CLEAN, LUBRICATE, PROTECT, SHEEN!


No matter where you are, you will find metals that need to be kept clean, lubricated and protected from rust, dust and other corrosion. EEZOX® has hundreds of applications at home, shop, range, garden, ranch, farm, office, factory, auto, bicycle, boat, indoor or outdoor. 


Anywhere there's a metal that needs cleaning, lubrication, corrosion protection or that new look finish, JUST EEZOX IT!




EEZOX® Ultimate Gun Care technology is the only CLP+ product. EEZOX CLEANS, LUBRICATES, PROTECTS FROM CORROSION, FINGER PRINTING and DUST ACCUMULATION while providing a NEW LOOK FINISH!  The advanced technology of molecular structure control provides our unique, proprietary formulation of solvents, synthetic lubricants and rust inhibitors that are processed through EEZOX®'s exclusive reactor resulting in its strong, thin, resilient molecular structure.  Our technology is time tested and successfully used in the harshest environments known to man: deserts, mountains, marine, humid conditions whether military, law enforcement, commercial, competition, recreational shooter or hunter, or the toughest of all, your kid's bike or that cranky rattling garage door chain or hinges!   JUST EEZOX IT!