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No exaggeration, it may be changing my life...
Last year I ordered a quart of your rust proofing product, EEZOX. No exaggeration, it may be changing my life - I have never been able to NOT rust metal.

On the palms of my hands, you can always see standing moisture. My rust is not a sign of laziness, I can rust stainless steel and nickel plating quickly with my sweaty hands because I sweat like a stuck pig bleeds. Even wiping down all metal I touch does not stop surface rust and eventual pitting. I have never been able to touch a blued or parkerized gun without rusting it. I conceal and carry and make a living with steel tools, so I have tried many products, including WD40, Break-Free, Hoppes, Sweetshooter and more.

Your product is simply incredible. Your product is a ton less work, it only needs to be applied once and it has worked this long without another application. I am finally able to buy blued and parkerized guns and magazines. Not having to wipe down every socket, knife and ratchet is a huge change.

Thank you!!!
— Regards,
 Ned T. Bruha, ACP, BEP, BCP
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